Compassionate counselors offer a variety of services for a sliding fee scale.  Licensed Professional Counselors place an emphasis on a faith based and traditional approach.


Young children come to appreciate their own understandings and their own sense of power they have when they think about what they are learning, who they are and are becoming, how others see them, and imagine themselves in the world of science and math.

This program  exposes African-American and Latino youth ages 3-16 to science, with a focus on Chemistry (after school Wednesday’s) using an innovative approach. First, participants are engaged in hands-on experiments and encouraged to learn through inquiry. Next, participants learn about Chemists through videos and exploration activities.


Many of our clients are not able to take advantage of the already existing government programs because of their inability to navigate the process and cut through the bureaucracy. Our emergency response service provides the following: needs assessment, and assistance referrals.


This program helps individuals learn how to identify and develop the resources they need to reach their employment goals. It teaches how to find employment leads, educational and self-employment funding, and other community services. We help them learn how to communicate with the resources they identified. We teach how to make powerful impressions in interviews and present yourself well in writing.

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