The Family First Center of Lake County is a non for profit 501c3 faith based organization established in 2002 to provide intervention and prevention services in Lake County. It was birthed in response to repeated acts of violence and unrest, initially as an outreach ministry of Jesus Name Apostolic Church.

In 2002 two young African American males were found dead in the trunk of a car. They had been killed execution style and were later found and the community was outraged.

Pastor John I. Caples of Jesus Name Apostolic Church located in downtown Waukegan and then Congressman Mark Steven Kirk of the 10th Congressional district came together to move quickly to break a cycle of violence that could erupt between friends and family of those involved.

Pastor Caples brought the two families together during one of his sermons to break the tension that would have led to more suffering within the families and the community. The church and the center have been paramount in helping to change lives, provide instruction and counsel to steadily loosen the grip of crime and a poverty ridden community.

Jesus Name Apostolic Church is the spiritual home to approximately 5500 members. For this reason; events, tragedies, and circumstances will probably affect members of the congregation, since they represent a large percentage of the community.

The tragedy happened in now Senator’s Kirk district so it was no surprise that he would enlist Pastor Caples to help him better serve his constituents. With the collaboration of Pastor Caples, then congressman Kirk developed the concept that more was needed in the community and for the church congregation that became a reality.

Pastor Caples decided that the church needed an outreach ministry to carry the vision outside the four walls and beyond the scope of traditional ministry. He designed  a community center with Evelyn Chenier, Executive Director and they put together what is now referred to as Family First Center of Lake County.

Over the past 14 years Family First Center had tirelessly paved ways of escape for countless members of the community and the congregation.