SMARTIES is a comprehensive program that prepares youth to become future Scientists of America.  It is open to all youth between the ages of 3-16. It is held on Wed. nights at 7:30 pm.

SMARTIES offers youth  incentives, activities, mentoring, counseling, and  messages through positive interactions with volunteers and staff.  Instead of listening to a boring lecture, students become investigators by donning lab coats and goggles, conducting their own experiments and making their own discoveries (with a little professional guidance, of course). Activities go way beyond pouring random chemicals into test tubes. Students can study paleontology, forensics, electronics, botany and astronomy in addition to more traditional fields like biology, chemistry and physics.

Trained compassionate volunteers cultivate  elevated self-esteem in  low income children, by providing a focus on Chemistry educational enrichment activities that are designed to introduce science in a hands on, fun and exciting way. Through mentoring and counseling youth learn character building techniques, conflict resolution, positive self-esteem skills, and positive regard for self and others.